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Isn’t it always the way that designers are updating their websites? Is this the case of the shoemakers children? It sure is. It is a common known fact among designers that our sites are generally left until last, that is because we are either too busy, or, more likely, too perfectionist. We are dreamers, we are not in it for the money. Money is boring. We are in it for inspiration, art and love. Unfortunately, those don’t pay the bills. Well, unless you can do them really well – which takes some work I tell ya!

Anyways, I may or may not get round to putting something on this website. Truthfully, it sits here as a dark horse, a legacy — a remnant from a past I have, er, passed. But it may arise from the ashes one day. Until then it will just hover here, in the nether, a vague shadow of content that once was.

You know, I may just resurrect this as a copywriting service. I really like writing copy. Of course, this particular copy isn’t to sell, or to even make sense. But, as I say, making money is not my motivation. Otherwise I would be in finance, amirite? Of course, I would not write copy just for the hell of it (except this post), no way. I mean, I would want to be paid if I were to write for someone else, right? I mean, a man’s gotta eat!

This post has gone way off track. I was supposed to be writing some kind of “Work In Progress” message, but I’ve gone way passed that now.

Anyway. I’d better log off. Have a nice day now!