xSlider Wordpress Plugin


xSlider is a Wordpress plugin that takes your sticky posts and converts them into a responsive slideshow.

  • Responsive Slideshow
  • Very easy to use
  • Control Panel included
  • More Info

WP Framework

A starter framework for responsive Wordpress theme design. All you need to start theming in Wordpress.

  • Responsive to mobile
  • Lightweight and clean
  • Optimised code
  • Get it now

Skeletonisr WP Plugin

A free plugin to bootstrap your theme with a responsive framework. The Skeleton 960 responsive grid system, in fact.


Retina GUI Kit

Save yourself some time with this huge set of user interface components. Drag and drop into your own projects.

  • Retina Ready 144dpi.
  • Huge set of components
  • Professional labelled and layered
  • Vector shapes and layer styles
  • Easy to modify
  • Get it now